Month: February 2018

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Racism in Nova Scotia: The illusion of equality

I lived on Creighton Street in North End Halifax for years, and I remember being shocked that no one would deliver pizza to my home. I remember a conversation with Greco Pizza: “Why not?” I’d asked “Because it’s a *ahem*….BAD neighborhood.” “Well, where DO you deliver pizza?” “Maybe if you lived 3 blocks closer to…
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February 13, 2018 0

I want to talk about Colten Boushie.

  I want to talk aboutĀ #ColtenBoushie I’ve seen some ppl confused and wondering why Indigenous communities are loosing their minds about theĀ #StanleyVerdict. Race. Is. At. Play. Here. If you can’t figure that out, read about the case, and switch all the race “roles” and see how it sounds and feels to you then. Think about…
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February 11, 2018 0