Thank you for your support!

I am really proud to have participated in Sackville’s Municipal elections.
And though I didn’t win, I’m rather surprised by the support I mustered with no signs, only one speaking engagement, and as someone relatively new in town (especially considering a family bout of Norovirus made canvasing nearly impossible!)

For all the chances people gave me to hear their opinions and understand their viewpoints
to all those who ran, and who thanked me for running.
For all the amazing discussions I had with strangers and friends about their hopes, dreams and fears about this town?
I am forever grateful. Thanks!

Other than the obvious “getting elected” part of running for office, I actually feel I accomplished all the goals I had set out to:

1.) I think now people understand that I’m a person who is here to stay & that I’m willing to talk about how to make this community better ANYTIME and all the time. In and out of election, lots of strangers know I’m in the business of thinking about how to build this place. As my friend Mark Austin said “I know it sounds a little callous, but running for office really builds your brand.” Well played, Mark.
2.) Other candidates ran because I did! Which means more options were available to voters.
3.) I felt like people heard my opinions on good governance & deep democracy, and that I shared ways I believe our municipality can innovate and build better futures for our region. Not only do I think this got some citizens excited, I know that many members of the new council are really receptive to making some changes I talked about & believe in.
4.)  I increased the number of female candidates & decreased the median age of candidates in New Brunswick!
5)I got the opportunity to practice courage. When folks asked me to run, thinking about it was scary in all the wrong ways, which meant I just had to do it. This is especially important having been reinvented postpartum! As Maya Angelou wrote: “Courage is the most important of all the virtues, because without courage you can’t practice any other virtue consistently. You can practice any virtue erratically, but nothing consistently without courage.”
6.) I connected more with my passion & purpose than I have the entire time I’ve lived in this beautiful town. Symbolically, I needed to run to remind myself who I was & what I have to offer. I’m no longer a visitor, and if I act like it’s presumptuous to treat this wonderful town as a place I’m going to help build– I will never be myself here.
7.) I let people know how & when to vote! Yeehaw! Go team civic engagement.

That’s about all I have to say on that matter. Thank you again, Sackville. I’m really thankful for all things election.