With over 10 years working in social innovation & social enterprise, I’m dedicated to making Atlantic Canada an exemplar of The Solutions Economy. I want to make it easier to do good, and I think Eastern Canada -my beloved home– is one of the best places on the planet to build a new, resilient economy. Building processes, systems, cultures & communities to nurture systems change? Is my favorite pasttime.

What does that mean? I love Chaordic Design & emergent spaces. The mess of systems change, which is terrifying for many, is my favourite work.

Having cut my teeth in startups, co-operatives and social enterprises, I am often boots on the ground for organizational shifts — especially those looking to make economic, social and environmental change. Using Art of Hosting and collaborative leadership praxis, I design processes for the public, groups & organizations to manage change, have those conversations that really matter, and apply adaptations. I also help non-profits, individuals, small businesses & social enterprises manage change, access opportunities, develop processes, maximize social impact and develop their business models.

I am actively developing my learnings with scaling impact, Social Return on Investment (SROI), graphic facilitation & sketchnotes, board governance, storytelling, graphic notetaking, social media strategy, UX Design, import replacement, rural & small town development and economics. I like using process design, graphic notes, music, celebrations engagement strategies, labs, pilots and joie de vivre to help people solve the biggest problems facing our world and our region; whatever sector or structure they’re working with.

With a dynamic professional history rooted in social innovation & community economic development, recently I co-founded & served as Executive Director of a co-operative coworking space The Sackville Commons, served as a a board member of OMISTA Credit Union , EOS Eco-Energy and The Co-operative Enterprise Council, and was named a WeavEast Fellow and more.

After years running my own consulting, hosting & advising business (Making Good Ventures) to focus on raising my awesome kid, I am now making new opportunties to learn, grow with a team and engage in meaningful work.