With 10 years working in social innovation & social enterprise, I’m dedicated to making Atlantic Canada an exemplar of The Solutions Economy. I want to make it easier to do good, and I think eastern Canada (home!) is one of the best places on the planet to build a new, resilient economy. Call me a pragmatic optimist.

What does that mean? I love Chaordic Design & emergent spaces. The mess of systems change, which is terrifying for many, is my favourite work.

Having cut my teeth in startups and social enterprises, I am often boots on the ground for organizational shifts — especially those looking to make economic, social and environmental change. Using Art of Hosting and collaborative leadership, I design processes for the public, groups & organizations to manage change, have those conversations that really matter, and apply adaptations. I also help non-profits, individuals, small businesses & social enterprises manage change, access opportunities, develop processes, maximize social impact and develop their business models.

I am actively developing my learnings with scaling impact, SROI, graphic facilitation, governance, storytelling, graphic notetaking, social media strategy, UX Design, import replacement, rural & small town development and economics. I like using process design, graphic notes, music, events, engagement strategies, labs, pilots and joie de vivre to help people solve the biggest problems facing our world and our region; wherever they are on the business model spectrum.

I am deeply grounded in my principles and values. I believe we need to stop seeing social, environmental and economic justice as separate: We all need a planet, ways to make a livelihood that don’t compromise the planet or the rights of those we share it with. Our insurmountable problems are solvable, and it is fiscally and ethically irresponsible to continue business as usual: We just need to think, design and act outside the box.

Being held accountable and “learning, unlearning and relearning” are key to my work and my values– as is radical candour. Many of my biggest learnings have come from Indigenous peoples of Turtle Island. As a white settler on Miꞌkmaꞌki, reconciliation and decolonization have become integral to my life’s work. I am amazed by the patience, strength, knowledge, humility, humour and healing Mi’kmaq and Wolastoqiyik people have shown me (Wela’lin!)– and consider it a joyful duty to push myself to decolonize my own mind & work, while helping de-segregate and heal our communities of injustices. I have so much to learn still, but I truly believe Indigenization and working in a good way with tradition & spirit, is integral to the future wellness of our nations, ourselves and our world.

I care about evidence-based decisions and hearing out divergent opinions. I love a good debate, policy and civics. I am passionate about the sharing economy, service learning, deep democracy, building new social architecture for our changing world, creating meaningful work, making information beautiful and helping people and their organizations live in line with their principles and values. I am delighted to be part of the shift.

With a dynamic professional history rooted in social innovation & community economic development, I am currently a WeavEast Fellow and an advisor, host & consultant for hire.

I am proudly President and Co-Founder of The Sackville Commons and currently serving as a board member of OMISTA Credit Union and The Co-operative Enterprise Council