Rejection Sensitivity

A few weeks ago, I shared some of my sketchnotes on Rejection Senstive Disphoria on instagram, and was amazed at the response.
Here’s what I wrote:

 I decided to learn one or two things every week, and this week I learned about #rejectionsensitivity#rejectionsensitivedysphoria


Honestly , researching makes me so happy — but learning about phenomenon of the brain that effect relationships I’ve had with ppl, experiences I didn’t understand… It’s lovely.

I don’t know enough yet, and I’m certainly no expert … But hearing lived experience and experts has been so informative!I didn’t know about external vs. internal rejection sensitivity, or what tools there are for ppl suffering from it.
Highly correlated with ADHD, BPD, social anxiety, body dismorphia and more… If you have fight/flight reactions to real or perceived rejections? Or get suicidal / depression from feeling someone judge you as less than? Or are you so afraid of rejection you #peopleplease until you forget your own likes & dislikes?

Or been confused deeply when speaking to a loved one… you start fighting about something you don’t understand, and it’s almost like they’re playing a movie about their worst case scenario coming true? And it’s much more like they’re fighting with themselves than you?
Check out these strategies of how to engage at different levels of emotional intensity, CBT & DBT….
But let me know if you have any ideas , research or experience that would help me or others deal with understanding , de-escalating and being in relationships with RSD?  Share away!